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A Poem
일자별구성 자 료 실
문서 개요
(A) 지식 자료
a butterfly in tapachula
about A Poem

▣ A Poem     John Culjak의 지식창고 2018.04.22. 14:17 (2018.04.21. 16:42)

【저작】a butterfly in tapachula

John Culjak / July 27, 1971
butterflies fly in tapachula
only one flies in san muquel
he whispers to the wind
begging for a swift hotel
chaparrastique, replies the wind, chaparrastique
no breeze under his wing gives a room
nor drop of water a shower
he’ll return to tapachula
under slender power
chaparrastique, offers the wind, chaparrastique
butterflies flourish in tapachula
none thrives in san miquel
one gently glides his way
to the awesome towering hell
chaparrastique, blows the wind, chaparrastique
it is a long way to tapachula
the guiling wind lends on hand
the day molten by the sun
leaves no place to land
chaparrastique, teased the wind, chaparrastique
after a long exhausting journey
there’s a perch high on a mighty peak
more than a stop to rest your weary wings
will turn your future bleak
chaparrastique, laughs the wind, chaparrastique
smoke and fire fill the mind
lava makes he butterfly blind
his flight to tapachula’s dead
he sleeps now silently in his fossil bed
chaparrastique, whispers the wind, chaparrastique
John Culjak
July 27, 1971
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