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about John Culjak의 지식창고

Bio. for John Culjak

John Culjak was born in Kingston, New York, USA of European parents. His father was born in Klobuk, Bosnia and his maternal grandparents came from Austria. After finishing High School, he joined the U.S. Marine Corp to compete his military obligation.
A few years later, after a stint in summer theatre at South Yarmouth, Cape Cod, He moved to New York City to study acting. He studied with Lee Strasberg of the Actor’s Studio. He worked in the theatre as a stage actor, in film and on television for ten years, wrote five full-length plays, became a director at the Actor’s Studio, taught acting classes and directed and produced his play, THE RESURRECTION OF PHILIP JEROME MICHAELS at the La Mama Experimental Theatre Club.
Culjak emigrated to Canada after a 6-month motorcycle trip to Mexico, Central America and South America. He embraced the Maritimes for its beauty and proximity to the ocean and proceeded to build a 40 foot catamaran sailboat.
During the first few years in Canada, he founded the Dramatist Co-op and was a founding member of the Guild of Canadian Playwrights. He was also the founder and Artistic Director of Seaweed Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia and conducted acting and playwriting workshops. He continued writing poetry and plays, several which were produced in Halifax and a one-act drama was produced on national television
Culjak met and married Katherine Morrison, his wife of 45 years as of this writing. He and his wife are the parents of two grown children, Lachlan and Elizabeth.
John Culjak continues his writing to this day. He has written short stories, two novels, a mystery called SLICE, a literary novel which is in the process of being rewritten, called HARRY WITH THE GRAY EYES and is currently at work on a third novel, a mystery, called ALONG FOR THE RIDE. He resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
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