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1. 3월 7일

7th. (17th of 1st Moon Sin-chook Year). Thursday. Beautiful.
What with the New Year gatherings, what with the excitement of "Yut(柶) " parties, what with the occasional rencontres, such as they are, the past two weeks have been spent with less tedium and ennui than all the monotonous weeks of the last seven months.
The weather during the week or so just gone has been lovely, while the last three days have been as mild as days in May. It is magnificent today.
My experience during the last two months and a half at this ice-locked port more than ever brings home to my mind the absolute truth that idleness is the root of all evils, that the moral sanity of an individual, like his physical health, largely depends on the purity of the environments; and that St. Paul-one of the bravest men of history, knew what he was talking about when he said, "Flee from youthful lust." Before temptation, flight is the best part of valor.
A letter from my Darling tells me that His Majesty wants our summer house on the Namsan(花樹亭) . Kim Yong Joon seems to be the man who suggested this royal robbery. When will a Korean be able to enjoy his life and property without fear and trembling?
The number of soldiers in Pyong Yang is to be increased to three thousand this year. Originally it was 400 strong. There being no discipline, the braves behave themselves most outrageously. No policeman dares show himself in the streets of Pyong Yang for fear of the soldier. A common soldier-an ex-coolie or an ex-convict-goes right into the rooms of the Kamni or of the Governor, with his boots on, and carries away a dancing girl in the midst of a banquet. A soldier or his friend or relative may commit any crime with impunity, as the law dares not touch him.
The same is true wherever Korean soldiers are. In Seoul, where soldiers patrol the city day and night, people dare not go out in the night, as the soldiers themselves turn robbers. The next plague of Korea will be the soldiers let loose―thanks to the fatal blindness of His Majesty.
He who makes up his mind to suffer―viz: brave the consequences.

2. 3월 24일

24th. Cold. windy.
The last four days have been windy and smartly cold. Today―windy―cold―cloudy.
A telegram received yesterday to the effect that my Darling would leave Chemulpo for this place about noon per the Chikugomaru. The steamer is said to have left the Southern port at 2 p.m. yesterday. It is now over 3 p.m. yet no sign of the boat. May it not be that she has returned to Chemulpo, finding the floating ice too much for her? I am all impatience!
In a letter, dated December 18, 1900, and received last night, Dr. Reid says: "You never will be quite happy until you settle down to Mission work, and then you will find that the schoolroom offers a better field for serving your country than office-holding under the present circumstances." I know that better than anybody else. Yet I am no more fit for the Mission than for the pulpit. I can't add hypocrisy to my other sins.
About 6 p.m. the first rain of the year. No steamer. High wind still.

3. 3월 25일

25th. Windy-cold. Nampo.
A nasty morning―windy, cold, gloomy.
A pretty, sunny afternoon―but the nasty north wind all the day long. After a day of impatient waiting a telegram from Chemulpo to the Korean post office announced that the Chikugo had to return to that port, being unable to force her way north through the ice. What a time my poor Love must have had it―with the children. All my faults! My heartaches.
This sudden change of weather makes me mad. March is the most wretched month in the calendar.
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