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1. 7월 2일

2nd. (11th of 5th Moon). Monday.
After a long and oppressive drought we had two days and nights of refreshing rain in the end of the last week. This morning Ogaki came to see me in his Korean dress. From him I learned
(1) that the F.O. of Tokio gave Yen 30,000 and Yen 10,000 to 望月 and 神鞭 and 宋秉畯 to start the Il-Chin-Hoi for the purpose of supplying coolies to the army and of showing to the credulous world that the Korean people welcomed the Japanese domination.
(2) that the Chun-Do-Kyo of the Tong-Hak sect has been encouraged by the Japanese authorities for similar reasons.
(3) that the Il-Chin some time ago, asked the Residency to give them Yen 15,000 as campaign funds (運動費) for "consolidating the hearts of the people" for Japan, but that the proposal was not accepted by Ito.
(4) that Il-Chins make regular written reports in Japanese to the Cabinet Ministers of Tokio, of their meritorious doings in behalf of Japan.
In the afternoon Min Sang Ho came to see me. He had just been to see Yi Choi Kuk, the Minister of the Household Department. Mr. Yi told Min that Kato, the advisor to the Household Department, had suggested me for the position of the Vice Minister of the same Department. According to Min's report, Yi Kun Sang and Pak Yong Wha have been found lying rather too liberally between Kato and the Emperor for their own advancement. So the Japanese advisor advised the two young rascals Yi and Pak, to quit Seoul. The two thieves took the hint, and got themselves appointed governors, Yi for Taiku and Pak for Haijoo.

2. 7월 3일

3rd. Tuesday.
Marquis Ito an audience yesterday afternoon. One of the consequences was the complete possession of the Palace by the Japanese gendarmes and policeman in the name of cleaning out the Palce of evil men. All sorts of rumors are afloat―one of which is that Ito is urging him to abdicate in favor of Prince Wiwha. May be the popular wish is the father of the rumor.
Attended the closing excercise of the Epworth Night School. I was disgusted to see Kim Jung Sik, the Korean Y.M.C.A. secretary, fawn upon Yi Yun Yong, praising him for his generous contributions to public enterprises in terms too fulsome to describe. Before we praise such men as Yi Yun Yong or Min Yong Joon etc. for any generosity toward a certain institution, let us remember how they have made and are making their money. Abusing the powers given them for protecting the interests of the people, these titled robbers, as governors or ministers or judges, have plundered the miserable masses without mercy. Out of their ill-gotten riches these rascals give a mere pittance to some charitable institution. They are praised and fawned upon. The moral (the immorality) of it is this: Make money by all means, by robbery, by murder, by treason and by what not. Only make money, then contribute a little to some philanthropic institution. That will cover a multitude of sins.
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