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1. 10월 6일

Wrote to Mr. Wasson a letter something like this: Aside from considerations that I have to live in Seoul with my aged mother and that my business interests all centered here, I have a strong dislike to be restrained in my movement as to time and locality. I would therefore prefer to decline the kindly offer which the Bishop and you have made, yet the reasons for which my service is sought at this junction of the history of the school, are such that I would be guilty of an act of rudeness if refused to comply with your request. I shall accept the principalship of the Song Do Higher Common School on following conditions.
1. I am to keep the position for a term of three years. This will make both parties to the contract feel easy.
2. I must be allowed to give at least one half of my time to my Seoul home affairs―at least as long as my mother choses to live in the capital.
3. I must have the full control of the school fund. This would be necessary to keep up my prestige as the principal. If the Bishop accept these conditions, I shall take formal charge of the office about the middle of November.
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◈ 윤치호일기 (1922년) ◈

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