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about John Culjak의 지식창고

Slice     【John Culjak의 지식창고】 2018.04.22. 14:19 (2018.04.21. 18:15)

Chapter 7

John Culjak' Novel 'Slice' - Chap 7
Driver sat down at his computer and after booting up opened the List file. He perused the list of the five remaining names, and considered changing the order. He reconsidered and thought, ‘why bother?’ The existing order was perfect. He wiped his face with his hands, with emphasis on his tired eyes. Stress was unkind to him, especially stress caused by the displeasure of a task at hand. He wondered how easy it would be to connect him to Geoff and the others on his list. That worried him most. He obviously wanted to prevent that ... but how? Maybe I should unload the club. He thought. That’s the only evidence even though it can’t be linked to me. No, I think I can still make use of that club, no sense in tossing it. Still, what if I created a distraction; something to lead them in another direction? That’s the ticket. The question is what, how and where? Hmm. He smiled at the prospect of what he intended to do next. Driver drifted away imagining his new strategy, but was startled momentarily by the roar of a moving van that drove past his house. I’ve got to get control of the situation, take action. The only thing worse than losing control is putting control in someone else’s hands. In any case, it won’t be long; it is only a matter of time before it’s all over. He took a breath, moved the cursor to the top of the list, and typed in a question mark.
.. .. .
Driver laid out a pair of old jeans on his bed; took a worn faded golf shirt from the wardrobe and arranged it on top of the jeans. He searched for a pair of shoes that had smooth soles, ones that would not leave a decipherable print of any kind, one that could be easily traced, and put them with the jeans and shirt, and, oh yes, his golf club. Driver went downstairs to the hall closet where he kept his full set of clubs. The driver was sitting outside and next to the bag. He picked it up, examined the head and stood it up in the corner of the hall near the front door. He took a ball cap from the tree in the hall and hooked it on top of the golf club. He locked the front door as a precaution. Driver would implement his line of attack the first thing tomorrow morning.
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