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◇ 6월 ◇

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1. 6월 7일

7th. (19th of 4th Moon). Tuesday. sunny.
Left Seoul at 6 a.m. for my country home in Chun-an(天安) . Travelled all day long. Made 110 li. Never saw so. many old ugly women in 24 hours as I have done today. The inns are wretched so full of dirt, fleas, bedbugs. They charge 24¢for "table" of meal which I used to pay, 15 years ago, 20 or 25 cash.
The miserable huts, the dunghills and urine pools right in front of rooms, the mud floors, dirty kitchens, the absence of any flowers or pictures- these surroundings can't help producing a race of men and women on whose animal faces. stupidity runs to overflowing. Woe to those men who, in the name of authority, squeeze money from these poor folks in these hovels. Woe to the man who wastes the money thus extorted in offering prayers to the spirits of mountains and streams or in building square boxlike houses called a Palace. The whole creation groaneth under him When will the delivery come?

2. 6월 8일

8th. (20th). Wednesday. Warm.
Left the One-ui inns at 4 a.m. Reached Toonpo at 12 noon. Got home about 2 p.m. Found "mother" well. The house full of villagers and guests, the former preparing the feast and the latter waiting to enjoy it.
Am visiting my country home for the first time in 15 years. Those whom I left then as young men and women are now grandpas and grandmas of many grand-children. Few of the old men I knew years ago have survived the vicissitudes of the intervening time. The boys and girls among whom I spent many years of rustic but careless boyhood are all grown into fathers and mothers.
Our old house has changed somewhat too. The storehouse behind the room which my grandmother used to occupy is no more. The old gaunt tree which stood in the "Sarang" yard is dead and gone. Of many of my boyish writings which were pasted on the pillars and walls only one remains intact. In the women's quarter old wall pictures and writings have disappeared except one picture of a dragon rising in the cloud still keeping its old place. The small house where I was born and which my mother occupied when she lived in the country seems to have undergone little changes. The oaks and pines which were mere saplings when I last saw them have grown into tall stately trees.
The village has grown a little. When I asked a villager of well to do circumstances why they did not build more comfortable houses, he said, "Our houses, such as they are, often prove too big and too good for us in these troublous times. A decent house is sure to be visited by tax farmers and robbers."
At least fifty women and as many men are busy in making noise. The feast could be prepared by five or six able ersons. The rooms and "Marus" are so dirty that it requires a strong stomach to eat anything in the sight of village babies whose heads are full of sores and whose "stools" of various colors and different density offend the senses of sight and smell everywhere. Amidst all this I have to show cheerful countenance lest I might offend my dear friends who seem to do their best to make me feel at home.
After all, I am not unhappy though I am constantly worried about the Independent.
Began raining in the night.

3. 6월 9일

9th. (21th). Thursday. Rain.
This is the 61st birthday of my "great mother." Rain pell―mell all the time.
At 2 p.m. the "birthday table" was ready to be offered to Mother. A big Corean table loaded with various kinds of food was set beside "Mother." Before her there was a small table with wine and cups. I first offered a cup of good wishes (or of long life) to her and then made four Corean bows. This was followed by similar long life cups and more bows from different members of the family. Then my half sister, the daughter of the "great mother" and her husband offered the cups. This was followed by my real sister whose early widowhood brought tears into my eyes as she bowed alone. The ceremony over the family and the guests were treated to bounteous feast. Except the down pouring rain, everything went off all right.
Trying to avoid the noise and crowd, I stole away to the small house (which is peculiarly my mother's own house) to spend a few quiet moments in living over my childhood among the new aspects of old scenes. Here I was joined by Mr. Kim the husband of my half sister. He urged me to pay my respect to the ancestral tablets which I wouldn't. However I told him that I am perfectly willing to pay my respect to the graves of my ancestors. He then told me that he had lost a great deal of money in gambling; that he was sorry for it; and that he would never do so again. He seemed to be really penitent. I told him that I had nothing to say to a man who would so often break his promises. "What's the use of my advising you, when the tears of my mother, the welfare of my sister and the future of your children cannot restrain you from the bad habit of gambling?" He was, however, very sorry and I felt no grudge against him. After spending some moments in talking about indifferent subjects we joined the guests.
I wish I could spend some weeks here resting my mind from the cares and worries of the newspaper business.
I am agreeably surprised to see what nice wives my relatives have. Some of the young ladies are positively pretty in spite of their rural ornaments and dress.

4. 6월 10일

10th. (22nd). Friday. Rain.
In spite of rain and wind, I had to start for Seoul. Left home at 8 a.m. On the way visited the graves of my grandparents. The road is so gluey that the chair coolies could hardly move. Made seventy li only. The young woman of the inn is the prettiest I have seen on the road. She works as busy as a bee.

5. 6월 11일

11th. (23nd). Saturday. Rain.
Rain still. I was mad this morning to see the young woman's husband stand by the gate, a picture of laziness and no accountness with his hands listlessly hanging down by his sides while his pretty little wife went about busily engaged in household dutie.
The road was so bad that in six hours―5 to 11 a.m. we made 30 li! Then coolies wanted to stop at Taihaing-Kio 90 li from Seoul! But seeing me determined to push forward they had to move on. When we reached Suwon, they refused to go further, though the road and the weather become better. I told them that I would walk on to Seoul or as near it as possible and that they might follow me slowly with the chair. Seeing that I was not joking, they at last gave in, and when we got home it was 8 p.m.!

6. 6월 16일

16th. (28th). Thursday. Fair.
Heard that Mr. Kim, my brother-in-law had committed suicide in the night of the 10th inst! He first drank to insensibility and then drained a bowl of strong solution of salt. So he slept alone, nobody knew anything of the sad event until the morning of the 11th. The news is so unexpected that I can hardly believe my ears. What a world of sin and sorrows!

7. 6월 25일

25th. (7th of 5th Moon). Saturday. Hot.
Father and mother arrived in Seoul safe and sound. Thank God for it. Father reproved me very much for having undertaken the newspaper work.
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