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1. 10월 31일

31st. (17th of 9th Moon). Monday. Beautiful.
Today being the anniversary of the Imperial coronation of His Majesty all public institutions had their celebrations. His Majesty gave200.00 to the Independence Club to celebrate the day.
This morning the Government Gazette announced that the Six Articles which Assembly of all Castes (官民共同會) had presented to the Cabinet begging for the Imperial sanction were so far approved by His Majesty that he ordered the Government to attend to them (令政府措處) . Of course this was not as satisfactory as we wanted, but the Government (Ministers) being with us, we thought that the Articles might be enforced just as if they were directly sanctioned by the Emperor. Then, if the Emperor wanted to violate the Articles he would do so, sanction or no sanction. Hence we were contented with the evasive Imperial answer; and in the Club, made a great deal of the Imperial grace, mercy and love etc. for the approval of the Articles. The Club ordered a committee to print ten thousand copies of the Articles to be distributed all over the country.
Enjoyed a pleasant social evening in 保信社 whose members are mostly independents.
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