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1. 4월 3일

3rd. (15th of 2nd Moon). Wednesday. Chilly and rainy.
The first steam-boat that broke the monotony of the winter-locked port was the "Heron" of the American Mining Company, which arrived about 6 p.m. on the 16th March.
The S. S. Sinanogawa came in about 12 a.m. on the 19th of March. My Darling did not come.
First real rain on the 2nd inst. though a pleasant evening(!) . The S.S. Chikugo expected to leave Chemulpo yesterday, but no sign of her.
Wind and thunder last night―raining hard today. No news of the Chikugo. This repeated disappointment makes me crazy.

2. 4월 5일

5th. Friday. Windy-fair.
Thank God, the Chikugo Maru with my Darling and children came in about 12 a.m. Found the precious girl, children all well.

3. 4월 24일

24th. (6th of 3rd Moon). Fine.
Beautiful days and lovely nights for the past two weeks only too dry.
Had a flying visit from Bishop Moore of M.E. Church and Dr. Scranton on their way to Pyong Yang. The Bishop was overflowing with health and vigor. He expressed his warm admiration for Dr. Hoss and Bishop Candler. Felt so mean and sad before the good men!
Mr. Kim Kiu Hui (金圭熙) , the long time interpreter to Mr. Brown of the Customs, arrived here on his way to Chul do (鐵島) where he is bound an exile for 10 years. Called on him and gathered the following facts:
At the end of last year, Mr. Brown promised His Majesty that he (Brown) would vacate his house and premises adjoining the Palace by the end of the 1st Moon O.S. But when the fixed time came, the Commissioner of Customs found the weather so cold that he begged for a respite of a month or two. But in vain. One day a number of Palace officials and eunuchs came to the Customs ground to take charge of the buildings, without any notice to Mr. Brown. This so enraged the latter that the Palace parasites had to retire to respective Kennels in all haste with some marks of the warm reception at the hands of the Irishman who didn't carry his stick for a more ornament. The insulted sycophants persuaded His Majesty to discharge the unruly Commissoner of Customs at once. So the Foreign Minister was ordered to notify the British Legation of the fact that Mr. Brown was to be disengaged immediately. The British representative made a vigorous protest, and, backed by the Japanese Minister, he was able to compel the Korean government to withdraw the despatch.
But, in order to save its "face" the Korean government, or Palace, rather, made a kind of scapegoat of Kim Kiu Hui by making believe to the unbelieving world that all the anti-Brown fuss had been due to the mistakes of the interpreter. So, Kim was sentenced to banishment for ten years!
The house question was, however, an occasion and not the cause of the anti-Brown agitation. The root of the matter is that His Majesty wants to have the full and free control of the Customs revenues. Interested parties, both Korean and Russian―the latter through the French―have been for years working His Majesty up to the desired pitch of fury against the stiff-necked Commissioner of Customs, who cares more for the interests of Korea than for the satisfaction of royal desires. Yi Yong Ik, the ex-chair coolie favorite, Kang Suk Ho, the eunuch, Lady Um, and Min Yong Whan are said to be the heart and head of the anti-Brown and pro-French movement in seoul.
A French loan of 5 million dollars at 5 1/2% per annum was contracted some weeks ago. The security, the Customs―the debt to be paid back in 25 years. The country nearly sold!
There are now over ten thousand soldiers in Seoul. Everybody, not excepting His Majesty, is in mortal fear of the soldiers. His Majesty's unwise partiality to the Pyong Yang soldiers is cherishing mutual hatred between the Pyong Yang and the Seoul troops.
Kim Yong Joon, who was tortured and then hung, on the 19th of March, tried hard to marry Miss Lingtse Yie, the Chinese young lady who stays with Mrs. Campbell. He was wicked enough to be hung, but no worse than his enemies, Yi Yong Ik, Kang Suk Ho etc.
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