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1. 3월 31일

31st. (22nd of 2nd Moon, Yim-in Year). Wonsan
Like all Marches in Korea, this has been a miserable month―one day warm and bright another windy and cold. Rain, snow, hail, now one at a time and then all together, has been the order of the weather.
On the 25th inst. (2月 16日) an insurrection broke out in Ham Hung on account of the ceaseless extortions of the Governor, Mr. Kim Jong Han. He is very handsome old man with fascinating manners. He talks well, never raising his voice to a boisterous pitch. In fact he is a practiced whisperer. All his schemes are like the intricate carvings of a Japanese artist. He prides himself on his ability of squeezing money, either of the State or of the people, without exposing himself to detection. Koreans call him a hero(!!!) because he is so dexterous in cheating and swindling. This time, however, our hero has apparently outheroed himself.
Last few days I have been planting some trees in and around the Yamen. How intensely I wish I were in my own home, where each tree planted would make it prettier and happier, while my efforts would give me the pleasure of working for a definite result. But here, the trees which I now plant may be cut down by the next Kamni.
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