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1. 2월 3일

3rd.(6th of 1st Moon). Friday. 31 degrees between 8 a.m. and 12. Wonsan.
The mercury reached 48 degrees on the 23rd; 54 degrees on the 24th, January, between 12 and 4 p.m.
Rain and snow on the 25th January. Snow 3 days and on the 27th January 16 inches at noon.
Big snow yesterday and this morning we have 38 inches of snow on the ground.
A telegram from the Home Department yesterday informed me that I have been appointed the Imperial Investigator of the causes of insurrection in Ham Hung last year under Governor Kim Jong Han. Botheration!
In 1890 a woman of Waereghem, near Courtal received as a present from a French cousin an old painting which she stowed away in a lumber room. For 16 years the picture remained there, until it was given, with some wood in payment of a trifling debt. Then an artist bought the painting for 2 Lyang. The picture turned out to be a masterpiece of Albert Durer which experts value at Lyang 40,000.
Some years ago, a Korean villager, having no cash to pay for a trifling drug, gave Dr. M. Gill, who was then in Wonsan, a pearl that had been forgotten in his (the villager's) pocket for goodness knows how long. The Doctor did not think much of it, but when in America, he took the notion to show the pearl to a jeweler, who at once offered Lyang 100 gold for it.
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