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1. 5월 6일

6th. (13th of 4th Moon). A spell of beautiful weather.
I was appointed the Superintendent of the Korean Students in Japan the day before yesterday. May this be the result of my hint to Mr. Stevens that I would like to get the position in case of Han Chi Yu's relief? Last month witnessed the organization, on the 14th, of the Ja-Kang Hoi, or Self-Strengthening Society. I was elected its president. The raison d'être of this associations has been a matter of much speculation. Some say that the Japanese, through Ogaki, have started the Society to gather within its folds the discontented Koreans of more or less anti-Japaneses tendencies to keep them from mischief. But, according to the statements of the promoters of the new enterprise, its object is (1) to consider and discuss the best means of spreading education and of ameliorating the economic conditions of the people; (2) to direct and develop the sentiment and desire for self-reliance; (3) to train decent men who may gradually replace the unworthy men in the present Cabinet. What is my opinion? Without rejecting the hypothesis and the statement above cited, I feel, in addition, that the new society is an unconscious response to the popular longing for something that may offset or check the intolerable tyranny of the Il-Chin-Hoi; and that the despairing souls of the more or less patriotic―therefore, anti-Japanese―elements among the Koreans try to have a common centre for mutual sympathy and association. However, I don't think the society will be of much use for the simple fact that the moment it becomes useful to the Koreans, the Japanese will pounce upon it and break it up.
Ogaki, the Japanese advisor of the Ja-Kang Hoi, told me that, to his definite knowledge, the Foreign Office of Tokio had given Yen 35,000 too 宋 秉 畯 and 望 月 to start the Il-Chin Hoi for the purpose of securing coolies for the military transportation and of showing to the outside world how willing the Korean people are to make Korea the protectorate of Japan.
The Japanese have lately cajoled or forced the Korean Government, so called, into a loan of Yen 10,000,000 from the 興業銀行 of Tokio. The rate, 8 3/10%! One of the first things the Japanese have forced the Government to do is the construction of waterworks in Chemulpo. The wonder is that our protectors have not yet forced us into a loan at 50% per annum to pave the streets of Nagasaki. That may come, though.
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