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1. 9월 10일

10th. Thursday.
After a hurried breakfast and hurried good-byes to the kind Mrs. and Mr. Brockman, left Austel for Atlanta by 7 o'clock train. A short ride and I found myself in the union depot of Atlanta. Being compelled to wait several hours for a train going to Covington, I went to Whitehall Street, the business thorofare of this surprisingly lively town, to get my watch fixed and to get an overcoat. Went into George Muse's store for the latter. Mr. G. Muse is the brother of Miss Anna Muse, now Mrs. Brown. He looks as delicate as his sister. When my bargain was finished here, I started out to see the town. But I was so sick that I didn't feel like going about. So getting on an electric car, I went out to the Barrack-5 miles from Alabama Street. The morning was lovely, but the wind was quite too much for me.
Left Atlanta for Covington 2 p.m. Suffered from chill all the way, shaking like a friend, though a stranger to everybody. Reached Covington depot about 4:30. Came direct to Oxford on a street car. By the permission of Miss Scomp, whose family, for the time being, stayed in Marvin Hall, I got a temporary room in the Hall, After changing clothes, I called on Dr. Candler. He was away, but his wife welcomed me very kindly. She gave me a glass of egg-brandy(?) for my cold. It was the very thing I wanted. By her invitation I made up my mind to stay at Dr. Candler's house until the school should open.
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◈ 윤치호일기 (1891년) ◈

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