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◈ 윤치호일기 (1941년) ◈

◇ 4월 ◇

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1. 4월 1일

1st. Tuesday. Beautiful. Cold.
Seoul home. Went to C.C.C. per 8:10 a.m. train to preside over the Patriotic Day exercises at the Chapel. Lunch at the Dormitory Dining Room, 30 per person―rather cheap. Then a Faculty Meeting. Returned home by 4:17 p.m. train.

2. 4월 2일

2nd. Wednesday. Beautiful. Cold.
Seoul home. At 12:30 the wedding ceremonies for our 璋善 and his pretty bride, 奇世順 were celebrated at the hall in the Tai-Wha Women's Center. Dr. Ryang officiated. Everything―the lovely day, the clean hall, well and tastefully decorated with ever-green pot plants, the select guests, the beautiful organ played by our 琦善, the lovely bride and our handsome boy, the wedding feast―in fact everything went off in perfect order and beauty. Thank God for His loving kindness and tender mercies.

3. 4월 3일

3rd. Thursday. Cloudy. Rain drops from 6 p.m.
9:05 a.m. train went to On Yang Hot Springs. Arriving there a little past 12. I was happy to see our 璋善 and his bride at the station to meet me. We couldn't get a taxi, so we had to borrow a truck from a friend to go to our parents' cemetery. Returning to the Springs I took a room in a Korean inn for rest. We had Korean luncheon together at the inn. Had a refreshing bath.
No taxi to be had in the little town. Two "Rickshaws" only. Returned to Seoul per 6:54 p.m. through train.

4. 4월 4일

4th. Friday. Cloudy. Chilly.
Seoul home. 5:30 p.m. a farewell Korean supper party was given at Chun Hyang Won in honor of Mr. Shiobara, the retiring Director of Education. There were a plenty of sake and kisaings. The tedious hours bored me to death.

5. 4월 5일

5th. Saturday. Cloudy a.m. Sun p.m.
Seoul home. Rain from last midnight until 9 this morning. The ceremony of entrance of the new students was celebrated at the Keiki Middle School from 2 p.m., the elaborate program lasting two hours. When the ceremony was over the Principal, Mr. Iwamura invited 16 from among the Protectors of the new students to his room and asked them to raise ¥30,000.00 to finish the new dormitory he is building at the cost of ¥50,000.00. I subscribed ¥500.00 and others followed with 2, 3, 5 hundred yen making up a total of ¥5,500.00. The hat is to be passed round later to the rest of the Protectors later on.
Mr. Shiobara left Seoul this morning for Tokyo per Tairiku express.

6. 4월 6일

6th. Sunday. Beautiful. Chilly.
Seoul home. Spent some hours at our new home, Chui-Woon-Jung, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

7. 4월 7일

7th. Monday. Beautiful. Cold.
Seoul home. From 10:30 to 4 p.m. made official calls on those dignitaries who have the power to help or hurt my work as President of the C.C.C. from the Governor-General to the 2nd Chiefs of the Higher Police in the four Police Stations of the city. Dr. Underwood paid the Governor General and the Vice-Governor, a "call of respect" with me but didn't go to the rest of various headquarters. Mr. Matsumoto and Yu O.K. and I had to do the rest of the calls―very tiresome business!

8. 4월 8일

8th. Tuesday. Beautiful.
Seoul home. On the 25th March, Jugo-slovakia joined the joined the Axis, Powers. A few days later an anti-Axis Government drove out the pro-Nazis party by a coup-d'-etat. On the 6th this month Hitler ordered slaughtering attacks on poor Jugo-slovakia. Now the mystery to me is how and why in the world the little states like Jugo and Greek should attempt at resisting the ruthless power of Hitler. They seem to have trusted England for help―but so did Ethiopia, Poland, France etc. etc. etc.

9. 4월 9일

9th. Wednesday. Rain 6-9 a.m.
Seoul home. Went to C.C.C. by 8:10 over jammed train. The Spring Terms of the school was formally opened at 9:30. I spoke to the students of the 2nd year class and up. At 11 the ceremony of entrance of new students was held also at the Chapel.
Returned to the station per 1:13 p.m. train to meet Mr. Masaki, the new Director of Education who arrived at Seoul a little past 2.

10. 4월 10일

10th. Thursday. Rain―gentle all day long.
Seoul home. Began raining from the early hours of the morning and continued all day long in gentle showers―very welcome to farmers.
Went to C.C.C. by 12:46 train to be present at the first one of a series of meetings to be held to give general information concerning the college work to the new students. Mr. Matsumoto gave a talk on the Religious Programs in the college. I had to hurry back to the station by 3:01 p.m. train to see our 璋善 leaving Akatsuki 3:50 p.m. God be with him all the way and all the time!

11. 4월 11일

11th. Friday. Cloudy a.m.
Seoul home. For the last several days snappy cold weather has continued making me to cough again.

12. 4월 20일

20th. Sunday. Cloudy a.m.
Seoul home. Went to station to see our 瑛姬 and her classmates leave for Tokyo for educational tour. This year they are allowed only 8 days for the trip.
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◈ 윤치호일기 (1941년) ◈

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