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1. 7월 22일

22nd. Tuesday. Steamy. Hot.
Seoul home. Everybody is startled by the news that Hitler began invading Russia this morning. Another treaty―the Russo-German Mutual Non-aggression Agreement―torn to scraps. Thus the biggest and cruelest Robber-Barons of the 20th Century have flown at each other's throat. The world may be better off if both of them do each other up for good. I have no love for either of them except the fear that the defeat of Hitler may affect Japan adversely. That makes me wish he would succeed in giving a crushing blow to Bolshevism, the greatest curse humanity has seen.

2. 7월 23일

23rd. Wednesday. Cloudy. Rain 6-7 p.m.
Seoul home. A telegram from 璋善 says "ヒユウキヨリミチナシニ□□テソソウタノム“ I had to send ¥200.00, telling him however to take safer way of traveling.
The papers report that Hitler expects to capture all the principal centre of European Russia, such as Petersburg (Leningrad) , Moscow, Odessa, Kiev inside two months.

3. 7월 24일

24th. Thursday. Sun and cloudy.
Seoul home. Our 璋善 and his bride returned home 1 p.m. They left Tokyo 7 this morning. Wonderful. Thank God they are back safe.
From this day the regular R.R, schedule in Korea is suspended. A temporary schedule has come into use. The number of trains on all lines for civilian transportations is vastly reduced. Platform tickets are stopped.

4. 7월 25일

25th. Friday. Hot sun.
Seoul home. The faculty members of C.C.C. invited Mr. 中鳥敎學官 to a luncheon at江戶川.

5. 7월 26일

26th. Saturday. Hot sun.
Seoul home.

6. 7월 30일

30th. Wednesday. Rain all day.
Left Seoul. 6:24 a.m. train with 珽善 for Song Do. Arrive at Song Do in a big rain. Found our children all well at Song Do.
Returned to Seoul by 6:20 p.m. train which didn't leave Song Do until 7:30 Arrived at home 10:30.
Japanese marines and land troops have safely landed at Saigon in French-India.

7. 7월 31일

31st. Thursday. Sun and cloudy.
Seoul home. 4 p.m. the Mai-il-Shin-Po gave a little tea reception in honor of General Hasegawa at the Social Room of the Shin-Po Office.
6 p.m. attended the dinner party Governor General gave in honor of the new Commander-in-Chief of the Army of Korea.
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◈ 윤치호일기 (1941년) ◈

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