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◇ 11월 ◇

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1. 11월 17일

17th. Friday. Beautiful.
At 11 a.m. the 廣文社 拂込人相談會 met in ◉洞 Church. After much talk a resolution was passed to reduce the capital to 7,000 shares of which about 5,000 had actually been paid up. The unpaid up shares were to be collected between the date and the completion of the legal steps to incorporate the company―say about a month and half(!) In case the paid up shares falls short of the capital, Messrs. 朴鵬緖 and 朴勝鳳 would be responsible for the shortage. Messrs. 許善一, 金一善, 金錫泰 and I were against this because it would be impossible to collect 2,000 shares of hard money in 1 1/2 month. But the fire-red speech of 朴勝鳳 carried the vote. He said: "돈이 그 額數가 안되면 내몸이라도 팔아서 드려 놋컷소." He didn't tell them how much his body would be worth.

2. 11월 20일

20th. Monday.
By 12:15 a.m. train came to Song Do.

3. 11월 21일

21st. Tuesday.
Song Do home. Officially took charge of the duties of the Principalship of the Song Do High School.

4. 11월 27일

27th. Monday. Bright.
By 12:15 p.m. train came to Song Do with 璋善. He is a perfect darling. He seems to appreciate my love. He is a real comfort and companion to me.

5. 11월 30일

30th. Thursday. Bright. Cold.
Song Do home. In the afternoon with Mr. 元洪九, called on the 郡守, 警務官 and few other local notables.
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