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◈ 윤치호일기 (1943년) ◈

◇ 8월 ◇

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1. 8월 1일

1st. Sunday. Hot―Rain.
To Chosun Shrine 7 a.m. to attend the Shinto service solemnizing the Conscription Law to be put into effect in Korea from this day. The service lasted from 8 to 8 :40 a.m. A grand mass meeting was held at Seoul Stadium in celebration of the Conscription Law. The students boys and girls and youth-bands nearly 90 thousand strong made the meeting very colorful impressive. The usual congratulatory addresses from high officials in Tokyo and in Korea took an hour. Then the picturesque march-past, which took another hour. A welcome rain storm about 12:30. Another shower 10 p.m.

2. 8월 2일

2nd. Monday. Steamy.
The rain which we fondly hoped, might continue for a day or two stopped last night before 11.
Jung Sook Kyong who promised a week ago to go to Pu Am Jung with me today sent word yesterday that she wasn't well to keep the promise. I think she is backing out from her engagement.

3. 8월 3일

3rd. Tuesday. 晴熱. 毒旱. Dry and hot.
7:30 left city for Pu Am Jung alone. Found the place a delightful retreat―only wish there were some running water.
I couldn't keep tears springing to my eyes as everything in the place―especially the room where my beloved Maria and I slept―reminded me of her. Returned to city home 5:39 p.m.

4. 8월 4일

4th. Wednesday. 晴熱.
This dreadful drought is parching up everything.

5. 8월 5일

5th. Thursday. 晴熱. 毒旱.
Went to Pu Am Jung 7 a.m. Jung Sook Kyong joined me at ten. Returned home 6 p.m.

6. 8월 9일

9th. Monday. 陰薰.
Early this morning, about 2 a little shower, soon stopped.
Went to Pu Am Jung at 7. Sook Kyong joined me at 10. Returned home 6 p.m.

7. 8월 15일

15th. Sunday.
The blazing sun turns the city into a white-hot furnace in the day time and a baking oven in the night.
Went to Ewha at the invitation of Helen Kim. Dr. Ryang, Messrs. Yu and Pak Hung Sik with their wives. Had a fine supper.
Mrs. Pak told us that in Pyong Yang no permit is given to build a house unless it is to be built in Japanese style―and that by the order of the Governor-General. He should know that a Japanese house is unsuitable to a Korean because it is too cold in Korean climate and that tatami will be hell indeed when bedbugs and flees get posession of it.

8. 8월 20일

20th. Friday. 晴熱.. 毒旱.
So hot last night I couldn't sleep. 11 a.m. went to Dr. 金炳善’s home away up on the Aoba Hill with Allen's wife to meet Sook Kyong. 英求 left Seoul for Tokyo at 12:25.

9. 8월 21일

21st. Saturday. 晴熱.
F. 82° early a.m. 101° at 4 p.m. This dreadful heat plus days and days of east wind withers everything.
Sensational rumor goes round that the house of Han Sang Ryong, the proud was searched by order the Chief Procurator on the 13th inst. For what reasons nobody seems to know. Han is so unpopular among the Koreans on account of his arrogance (to the Koreans) that nobody would care a fig, if his proud automobile in which he proudly goes about to booklick the powerful, were smashed into hell.

10. 8월 22일

22nd. Sunday.
Per 12:25 Express our 璋善 left Seoul for Tokyo for a rest and recuperation. Our 琦善 had lately undergone an operation. for 盲腸炎 must be looked after, too. God bless them and restore them to strong health in body and mind!

11. 8월 31일

31st. Tuesday. 晴熱. 毒旱. (癸未 八月 初一日)
This day happening to be the 1st day of the 8th Moon(八月一日) according to the lunar calendar, is the 54th anniversary of our beloved Maria(梅麗) . Our children living in the city came together to have a family memorial service in honor of their "omma" and my "wife."
This is the last day of the dreadful rainless month of August.
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◈ 윤치호일기 (1943년) ◈

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