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◈ 윤치호일기 (1922년) ◈

◇ 4월 ◇

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1. 4월 1일

1st. Saturday. Beautiful.
Song Do home.

2. 4월 2일

2nd. Sunday. Cloud and sunshine.
Attended the Northward Church in the morning. Left Song Do home 1 p.m. Dear 恩姬 and 明姬 wanted to stay longer. I wanted too to spend a few days in this beautiful place, but I miss my precious 璋善 and 埼善 so much that I had to hurry back to Seoul. Found 璋善 confined with bad cough.

3. 4월 3일

3rd. Monday. Pretty.
Precious Washington and Lambuth sick.

4. 4월 4일

4th. Tuesday. Beautiful.
Washington and Lambuth still sick.

5. 4월 5일

5th. Wednesday. Beautiful. 發信: To 致旺
Washington and Lambuth still sick.
Wrote to 致旺 enclosing a bill of exchange for £140/sterling=¥1304,85.+50 sen for fee.

6. 4월 10일

10th Monday. Beautiful.
Sent1,000(00/100) U.S. gold to Allen.300(00/100) as balance of 1922 allowance and700(00/100) for traveling expenses from America to Korea. Equality of opportunity should be the ideal of all governments. But the way in which that opportunity is improved depends on the ability of each individual, thus producing inequality of achievement which in turn gives rise to inequality of rewards resulting in inequality of conditions. Therefore to equalize conditions as advocated by socialists, one would have to equalize reward which would equalize achievement, which in turn would equalize meritocracy.
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◈ 윤치호일기 (1922년) ◈

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